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According to Baltimore (WJZ), Gigi Barnett reports on January 17, 2016 at 11:50 PM "The city says the solution is a new 65-gallon trash bin for every household"  Are Trash Cans that are being distributed by the Mayors Office and DPW  in Baltimore really going to eliminate Rat problems and trash problems? 

Sure as my friends say, that will really solve the problem.....NOT!!!

 I have never heard of a trash can resolving a problem of Free Range Debris that has infested Baltimore  city and contaminated almost every Baltimore City neighborhood, of which there are 302.  

Have you ever heard of a trash can cans eliminating rats?  I have looked for the data that was mentioned in the article where it said "the "test" in 2014 of new bins in two neighborhoods where it dropped rat exterminiation by 75%."  Does anyone know which neighborhoods?  What about the data to show rat extermination dropped 75%? We all know where the rats went, next door!!! To the neighborhood next door. Maybe my neighborhood, maybe yours. Trust me the rat families took a walk next door.


Which neighborhoods? Are they neighborhoods that are on the radar for redevelopment or are already under redevelopment. Has this "pilot" resolved the problem? Has it been tested for long term retention? Will having new trash bins eliminate all the debris that infests our ability to live with clean air, clear sight and healthy minds. Debris, free range debris creates all kinds of issues.

Think about what it does to you just driving throughan area of baltimore City and all you see is Debris on the ground, on the street, in the shrub, in the alleys.

Take a ride up any street off the beaten path and take look at what you see. Help us help Baltimore.

Regardless, of Trash Bins, why did the city spend $9 million dollars on Trash Bins and not $9 million dollars on First and foremost to remove and eliminate the DEBRIS that gives reason for the rats and lack of wellbeing of our Baltimore neighborhoods.


The article says that the "big designed lid keeps trash in and rats out." Wow how is this known for certain? How was this tested" "Big Design" resolves the debris problem. Now I am sure the can looks great and is beautiful, but what about the City...does our city in its entirety look great and is is beautiful? We , B-Baltimore Green loves a Beautiful Baltimore, how about you? Join us please...we invite you to join us? Email me direct, Laurie [AT] bbaltimoregreen [DOT] org  


Who is going to work with each neighborhood to get the trash and bulk items that isn't on the streets, alleys, gutters, yards and moreso off the ground and into a bin. B-Baltimore Green is here to help neighborhoods help themselves to reach debris free. Call us, email us, let us know you want us to work with you as a neighborhood.

The city means well! The intent is genuine.  

Spending $9 million dollars will not resolve and eliminate the trash and rat problem. It is a bandaid. It is a quick thought out bandaid.


You see in 2006 I created a mission and a program that was presented to The Office of Mayor at the time. And the new regime picked up the trend and has been trying. Like anything else, when it is not one's original creation and it is someone elses, they will never really know how to resolve the situation. There is a resolve and here we are asking our Baltimore neighborhoods to help us help you. We know what it will take to bring your neighborhood to become debris free and retain debris free.

Please get in touch with us at B-Baltimore Green Corp. We will work with your neighborhood to educate, train, activiate, mobilize and eliminate debris. Email me direct laurie [AT] bbaltimoregreen [DOT] org


B-Baltimore Green is about a Debris Free Baltimore. We love a Beautiful Baltimore.


Lend a hand and help us help Baltimore City. Donate $ or in-kind and give us support so we can have the needs met to acquire  materials and supplies our neighborhoods will need. Contact me direct laurie [AT] bbaltimoregreen [DOT] org


Come on board and join in and volunteer you time to help us help Baltimore City.





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